Urban Curiosities (UC)

Urban Curiosities (UC)
Andriana Theochari
UC connects people with their city and its urban landscape. The camera is the medium of this visual cross-section and multimedia narrative.

Andriana Theochari
Athens, Greece
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Andriana Theochari
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Visual Art, Multimedia, Film, Photography, Communication
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Public space
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Andriana is a multi-awarded filmmaker and journalist based in Athens, Greece. She reports mostly on social and environmental issues through multimedia projects. She is also a 2022 fellow for the Investigative Reporting Network’s (BIRN)- Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence and fellow of VII Academy.

Visual observation and investigation of the unwritten story of the urban cities. Ordinary people, hard workers, young and not-so-young ones, authentic urban residents and internal emigrants, locals and refugees, share their stories, their various perspectives, their minor or major achievements and their special signs of communication in the common urban environment.
Discover and highlight what is that we overlooked and contribute to the reinterpretation of the urban landscape as an element of memory and living reality.