Rural centre for the ecology, education and arts.

Rural centre for the ecology, education and arts.
Image of the future classroom/ workshop space for the democratic school.
A plan for the development of an innovative rural center for the practice and research of education, ecology and art.

Association Unión de los Rios
Orgiva, Spain
Team members
Amica Dall
Luke Freedman
César Tomé
Field of work
Architecture, Ecology, Visual Art
Project category
Rural spaces
Project submitted

The team is formed by a diverse group of teachers, architects, gardeners, artist, parents and researchers that got together to fullfill the dream of creating a free space for education, ecology and the arts. Combining experience in built projects, playgrounds, gardens, exhibitions and more.

A plan for the development of an innovative rural center for the practice and research in education, ecology and art.

The center will bring together three significant subprojects united by a commitment to research, education and sustainability.

Subproject 1: An international democratic school with a maximum capacity of 80 children actively focused on educational research. In pedagogical terms, the school proposes an active, democratic approach based on nature.

Subproject 2: A small residential center with courses and activities, offering an inspiring natural setting for creative practice in: ecology, regenerative agroforestry, sustainable management of land and water, democratic education and games, sustainable construction with natural materials, and art.

Subproject 3: A centre of regenerative agroforestry in the Mediterranean climate that will recover and improve the health of soil and biodiversity, and will facilitate research and education through agroforestry and reforestation systems.

Together this project will help develop this rural area bringing educational infrastructure, raising awareness for the local ecosystems and its delicate balance; and connecting the area with outside researchers and artists.

Architectural approach: Our approach will combine traditional Alpujarran architecture, natural and renewables materials and climate-adapted technologies. Integrating education and training in sustainable construction techniques in the design and building process. The results will consist of a model of sustainable architecture and green local economy strengthened with new skills and experience.