"#NeoXIX: The island of Capri"

"#NeoXIX: The island of Capri"
Capri 's faraglioni, by Julio Rodríguez
We are not able to see it?

Julio Rodríguez Santos
Bilbao, Spain
Julio Rodríguez is a young architect based in Bilbao (Spain) interested in architectural and fictions and the territorial changes.
Field of work
Architecture, Landscape architecture, Ecology, Visual Art, Multimedia
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Project submitted

Julio Rodríguez is a young architect based in Bilbao (Spain) interested in speculative fictions and their territorial changes.

In 2023, Julio completed his MA in Architecture at the University of Alacant (UA) (Alacant, Spain) with his Final Project: “Adócpolis: heterotopic environments in an Alicante architectural enclave”.

In 2022 he graduated as an architect from the UAH School of Architecture (Madrid, Spain) obtaining a 10/10 in his Research Investigation on the Industrial Heritage in Alcalá de Henares.

Since the end of 2023 he has been working as an Architect at IDOM Architecture in Bilbao, Bizkaia.

"#NeoXIX: The island of Capri" represents a fiction that manifests a series of illustrations about the near future we are approaching,

Or are we already in it?

Or are we not able to see it?

The images of Tiberius's Villa Jovis, symbol of Roman imperial power, completely rebuilt, and the famous Faraglioni, place of love, boat rides, turqoise waters and advertisements for expensive perfumes are now the scene of transit of infinite freight ships. New forests emerge on the sea, a new landscape is created.

Can we choose another path?

We are doomed?