Mykor - Mykofoam

Mykor - Mykofoam
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We decarbonise the construction industry by manufacturing carbon-negative materials

Olivia Page
Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal - Lisbon, Portugal - Bristol, United Kingdom
Team members
Jack Cardu
Valentina Dipietro
Max Frost
Ines Marques
Olivia Page
Carlos Pena
Fred Robinson
Field of work
Architecture, Research
Project category
Material tracking and reuse
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From London, trained in Architecture, Olivia has been Portugal based since 2017 and fluent in Portuguese. Some of her previous projects include working on a residential construction using ‘hempcrete’ in Porto and also developing innovative interior tiles for the French luxury conglomerate LVMH. She has worked with VerdeOeste project management, with CRU Arquitectura, and as a sustainability assessor for LiderA, the Portuguese body for sustainability certification. She has also co-founded Rede Construção Sustentável (Network of Sustainable Construction) in Portugal.

11% of worldwide carbon emissions come from building materials manufacturing. Mykor decarbonises the construction industry by developing carbon-negative materials.

Founders of Mykor, Olivia Page and Valentina Dipietro met in 2019 bringing together their complementary skills: Olivia’s architectural understanding of building materials and Valentina's product design and material development. In 2021, they founded Mykor to address the huge potential for manufacturing carbon-negative construction insulation.

The company’s R&D team is based in the U.K. and its pilot factory is in Portugal.

Our first product, MykoFoam is an internal acoustic and thermal carbon-negative insulation sheet, that can be also left exposed. It is 100% made of renewable and bio-based materials sourced from industrial waste. Our technology presents improved water-proofing and stabilising properties for increased durability, whilst maintaining the breathable and fire-retardant benefits of mycelium insulation.

Mykor insulation sequesters -22kg of CO2 per m3 and its manufacturing process utilises 90% less water and 40% less electricity than polystyrene.

On average we have estimated that we will be able to repurpose 2 000 tonnes of industrial waste per year and 10 000 tonnes in the next five years.

Our product is:

- Carbon-negative
- 100 % Circular
- Highly Thermal and Acoustic
- Highly Fire Retardant
- Affordable
- Easy to Apply