Split works

Split works
a communal productive space
Building as a mixture of a community house, a workshop, a recycling facility and a second hand exchange facility with abundant storage space.

Myvatn, Iceland
Team members
KaWai Cheung
Konstantin Kim
Aleksa Milojević
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Film
Project category
Material tracking and reuse
Project submitted

We are a travelling collective of architects, currently based in Vienna/Austria and New Haven/USA. We have met in University of Applied Arts in Vienna under the professorship of Kazuyo Sejima.
We cherish architecture as a fantastic way of knowing through its history and techniques, but also a way of acting through its dependencies and effects.
Our projects have been mostly concerned with preservation of smaller communities, their productive landscapes and transformations of their economies.

On the level of an object, the project relies on passive technologies, locally available materials and building techniques to benefit and encourage local circular economy.
On a larger scale it is an attempt to look into empowering and public qualities of a production and reclaim those qualities from an austere industrial realm into a realm of a particular community.