Climate activist with interest in architecture.

Climate activist with interest in architecture.
Setting up my recent climate-poetry workshop at a local festival.
Rethinking modern architecture by observing our dynamic and constantly changing environment as well as it's graduate distancing from mankind.

Wiktoria Wojciechowska
Denmark, Copenhagen
A Danish-Polish climate activist (primarly in Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse/ The Green Youth Movement) with great interest in design and architecture.
Field of work
Ecology, Visual Art, Other
Project category
Material tracking and reuse
Project submitted

I grew up in Poland, but have lived in Denmark since 2008.
As an individual, I am very social and creative, whereby art and culture, including especially poetry and design, form a large part of my everyday life.
In this particular connection, I am also taking technical drawing courses at Copenhagen Art School, as my plan is to study design or architecture immediatetly after completing my matriculation exam.

I contribute to several activistic initiatives, and currently I am a dedicated climate activist in the Green Youth Movement and representative in Copenhagen's Youth Climate Council.
My activism is particularly characterized by a focus on operation in the movement, growth criticism and international cooperation, but I also work with utopian art, festival cooperation (including Copenhell, Roskilde Festival and both Naturmøde and Folkemøde) and currently also with the European Parliament elections.

Furthermore i recently participated in a debate at the Circular x Change confernece by Lendager architects and now also work in the Reduction Roadmap project

I am still learning and trying to find my own and unique way to combine my activism with my art and interest for design and architecture. I love experimenting with shapes, unexpected materials, recycling/upcycling and incorporating natural elements in my artwork. At the moment i am particularly researching on how to combine these ideas with my concrete vision of creating more green student housing and green surfaces at industrial constructions.