Ecological serie «Fairies or Spirits»

Ecological serie «Fairies or Spirits»
Yaroslav Leonets
Although it is believed that man is the crown of creation of nature. I want to note that nature can live without man, and man without nature cannot.

Yaroslav Leonets
Kyiv, Ukraine
Modern artist
Field of work
Ecology, Visual Art, Research, Other
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Material tracking and reuse
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Hi, my name is Yaroslav Leonets and I’m a modern artist from Ukraine.
A few words about me and my life. Since childhood, I have felt the necessity to articulate my feelings
in a nonverbal way because l could not express myself with words. I spent a lot of time alone with
my thoughts and feelings. And this made me find a way to communicate with the world, telling
about my feelings and personal glance at it. But gestures, facial expressions, and physiognomy
were not enough to speak with the world.
I could not convey what I saw around but I’ve tried visual art and gradually through various artistic
images I found a way to reveal and express what I really feel. I have always been inspired by the search
of new forms of communication with the world; therefore, my childhood research has turned into
the work of my life.
As an artist, I see myself in various forms of art like painting, graphics, and sculpture. I experiment
a lot, looking for new ways to convey the reality in which I live. I often synthesize various materials.
I graduated: the Kharkiv Art College, the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts at the Faculty
of Fine Arts, easel painting, and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv gave
me a MA degree in faculty of monumental painting.
I’ve been working lately in the genre of paintings and graphics. In my artworks, I strive to obtain
the beauty of nature and human interaction with nature. I also work on social issues, topics that
address inner experiences and that highlight our connection to nature and identification. Environmental
issues and legal issues. Through this figurative topics, l express my emotions and feelings.
Credo: Art is the way of subjective communication with the surrounding world. Using various visual
means to express unique, clean, childlike feelings.

More about me and my projects:

First of all, I turn to the image of the family and I want to draw your attention to certain patterns, repetitions and periodicity between certain life cycles. Existing in the life of every person. Age stages. These are birth, childhood, youth, old age and death. These stages are familiar to us. You may have noticed that in nature there are similar stages: birth, formation, flowering, ... and in the end all the processes will be completed.

You all know global problems, pollution of nature, destruction of many plants, deforestation, destruction of plankton, disappearance of a very large number of animals and more. It is possible to list long, you can see very brightly how our planet is destroyed. Each of us can relate to which stage he belongs. In my opinion, not to be deceitful, I can attribute to a kind of old age. Old age of the planet and nature in general. It is not clear how nature will live on with such pollution and destruction. And we humans are part of nature. The question is, what will our children, grandchildren, how they live? What are their realities? And what will we leave them?

The following is a kind of connection between man and nature, this is the main idea of ​​the work. This connection is organic, it is built into our subconscious and we perceive it as a given. In this work, it is presented as a large round all-encompassing spot that collects and intertwines everything. We all live on this big sphere, which is called the earth, and no matter what the situation, no matter what we do, it is this connection that brings us together into a single, organic system that works perfectly, albeit dependent on our actions. That is, each of us makes a contribution to the future, whether he wants to or not.

And finally: although it is believed that man is the crown of creation of nature. I want to note that nature can live without man, and man without nature cannot.