Network of education-cultural centers for adults.

Network of education-cultural centers for adults.
This is one of our education-cultural spaces in Slavsk: Creative Residence MC6 that has been inspiring people from the moment it was built and we are very proud of.
How education-cultural centers healing emptyness during war. Based on Bildung system.

Network of education-cultural centers by Foundation MC6.
Lviv, Ukraine
Team members
Eduard Pastukh
Olha Perminova
Olha Sukha
Field of work
Architecture, Ecology, Visual Art, Curating, Communication
Project category
Raising awareness
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Olha Sukha, Eduard Pastukh - founders of Creative Residence MC6.
Olha Perminova - cultural manager
and many more

We are a team of architects and cultural activists who want to interact with people and the world through the aesthetics of architecture, respect for tradition, sustainable approaches to the planning of rural spaces and the value of social responsible business.
Living side by side with architecture for more than 20 years, inventing and framing the spaces of villages and cities, we understood that the main value in this story is community, people who are united, in and with their synergies create long-lasting, sustainable interactions strung on common values and dreams.

Education-cultural centers are our greatest succes becouse of people. Such spaces cant't be maintained only by creators, but by people coming and going but leaving pieces of them in our Residence.

We are an education-cultural foundation Residence MC6. Several big projects are developed or only starting their journey but united as a network of education-cultural centers for adults. One of the fully developed projects is Residence MC6 and located in Slavsk, Ukraine. Residence MC6 has become not only a place for architects to meet under one roof. It became a place of healing wounds by the same minders, where it is a cozy atmosphere, everyday miracles of the Carpathian Mountains, and up-to-day creative education for adults. By now, many cultural and artistic events were hosted in this place, including one in the video, that we added in the 3.3.Project video. After developing Residence for nearly 10 years, we created a new concept after the war state experience of our Home.

The project Eduhata is aimed to offer what's most needed for rehabilitation after a traumatic experience: a safe space to bring back inner peace. We've built a small trailer in Rakovets(a little village not so far from Lviv) for artists and creators who are running from war nightmares and searching for a place to stay. We see this place as a perfect space for rehabilitating inner worries through art and conscious education. We are operating with the Bildung system and holistic method of healing through the movements as we find it just right for such a purpose. With the local community engaged, it would be a concept, that naturally appeared due to the needs we experiencing every day. As we encourage local villagers to be there, to show their homeland, and to help with the rehabilitation through the authentic culture, we are bringing deeper meaning into this project. We believe that with a gentle approach we can solve such emotional issues in our community and bring at least a bit of inner peace into the wounded hearts of our people.