We Eat The Weather

We Eat The Weather
Anna Bierler, Lina von Jaruntowski
By transforming weather data into tangible dining experiences, we aim to contribute to public understandings and dialogue about climate change.

Anna + Lina
Rotterdam, Netherlands and Hamburg, Germany
Anna’s and Lina's collaborative work investigates storytelling as a means to reimagine human-environment relationships.
Team members
Anna Bierler
Lina von Jaruntwoski
Field of work
Design, Ecology, Multimedia, Curating, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

Anna Bierler engages with writing, process-based publishing, installations, reading groups, and poetry to examine the role of language in shaping imaginations and addressing fractured relationships with nature. She holds degrees in Comparative Literature and Visual Communication and an MFA in Design. Anna teaches at various institutions and co-organizes the poetry collective OOOReading Club. Her work has been shown internationally, and her poems published in several magazines. She is currently working on a script exploring the myth of Medusa and the intersection of geologic timescales and human-animal relationships.

Lina v. Jaruntowski is a designer, researcher, and educator with a focus on feminist storytelling and collective modes. She explores the interplay between language, technology, and narrative, utilizing experimental publishing, reading performances, and participative installations. Lina studied Integrated Design and Artistic Research and received scholarships for her work. She teaches at academic institutions and is involved in feminist collectives aiming to amplify marginalized voices in art and music. Her current research delves into weather forecast ecologies.

Anna and Lina, who met during a residency in 2023, collaborate on climate futures through storytelling. Their approach combines writing, design, and research, challenging Anthropocentrism through process-based design and experimental publishing. They envision their work as a collaborative space for diverse voices to reimagine our relationship with the environment, focusing on micro histories – scaling down rather than scaling up.

Weather encompasses measurements, environments, and temporal frameworks where physical phenomena unfold. It exists in past data sets and future projections. Today weather images, conveyed through graphs, maps, and simulations, originate from machine perspectives rather than human ones. The images, portraying a supposedly complete understanding of Earth, reach us daily through digital forecasts. These digital visualizations form the backdrop of our interactions with the atmosphere, mediated by data and information technologies.

Amid the environmental crisis, we propose merging spatial culture with environmental consciousness by transforming the dinner table into a forum for exploring weather patterns. Unlike traditional digital representations, we aim to reimagine weather narratives through shared dining experiences, where food serves as tactile data guiding our senses beyond sight.

Exploring dissemination and publishing, we examine how knowledge production around digital weather is shaped. By treating the table as a medium and interface, we engage with weather data through collective acts of cooking, eating, and digestion. This intimate engagement fosters discussions about weather dissemination and publishing as a spatial practice that generates speculative knowledge collectively. We consider publishing a relational practice, involving audiences in the process of making things public and critically examining knowledge regimes and information politics. Our focus is on situated knowledge production and relational forms of publishing.

At the core of our proposal are three immersive dinner events centered on weather and body weather and landscape, weather and space. Collaborating with artists working with food, we translate meteorological data into shared experiences. Through tailored setups, participants explore the intersection of weather, storytelling, gastronomy, and spatial dynamics, forging connections between atmospheric conditions and lived experiences.