Milano Is Burning

Milano Is Burning
© Luca Falcone, Raffaele Guercia
Milano Is Burning is an ongoing research on Milan, climate psychosis, infrastructure architecture and possible new thermal perspectives.

Milan, Italy
Redux is a wanna-be cross-disciplinary research and design studio focused on architecture, technology, research, ecology, politics and visual arts.
Team members
Luca Falcone
Raffaele Guercia
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Urban planning, Ecology, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
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Redux is a speculative duo concerned with daily questioning of pressing contemporary issues and the role of architecture and design in this sense. Redux, from the Latin, 'return', from reducere - to bring back, refers to the re-examination and re-contextualisation of the past, for and within the present. Established in 2022, it is an wanna-be cross-disciplinary research and design studio born from the idea of two young architects, Luca Falcone (*1998) and Raffaele Guercia (*1997), sharing a common enthusiasm for architecture, technology, environment, research, ecology, politics and visual arts, with a dual perspective on the past and the future, without rejecting anything.

Heat has no scale. From the almost unlimited source of the sun to the microscopic processes of bacteria, it is everywhere. In humans, in the soil, in the atmosphere, in architecture. And in recent times so much so that it has become extreme, critical, dangerous. Summer 2023 in Milan exceeded every threshold limit of heat and was an occasion to raise a question. Humans experience physical, mental, behavioral disorders. They react to this by abusing air conditioning, isolating themselves in their climatic bunkers and completely losing all possibility of sociality. But what about an alternative? The research investigates locally the heat effects in Milan, while analysing globally its causes and consequences in order to understand how current behaviours may not be appropriate approaches to resist. Living soil, the element where life begins and ends, has the potential to become again a thermal device, providing answers to urgent contemporary challenges related to global warming. Changing the recent narrative that has marginalized it to unwanted, it is possible to turn it back into a key actor in human existence, crucial element for what we are experiencing in terms of densification, higher temperatures, loss of species, health risks. The project starts from the analysis of some soil deposits in the city of Milan, made for engineering purposes, to show how it is possible to reactivate one of them into a biological and climatic device. This unimaginably soil embankment was hidden inside Stazione Centrale, a massive icon of Fascist architecture. The proposal reactivates this soil and a system of underground tunnels and unused storage rooms, Magazzini Raccordati, now storage of cold air, to extend the climate impact of the soil within the context, suffering from heat stress and air pollution.