Paradise get lost

Paradise get lost
Omar Mansour, co-author of the 'Paradise get lost' project
The module cities as a solution to refugee and immigration crises. We give them a start and a chance to grow.

Anna Yurchenko
Bila Tserkva, Ukraine
I am an individual worker with 8 years of experience in the architecture and design residential sector; Working for Ukraine, UK, India, Egypt, Poland.
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Omar Mansour
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Architecture, Design, Urban planning, Landscape architecture, Visual Art
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I am 31 year old passionate architecture, where 8 years I dedicated to the work in various international companies on the concept design. I hold Bachelor and Master's degrees in Architecture and urban design (Ukraine) and post-graduation diploma in Building Information Technology in Architecture (Poland).

Due to the diverse experience of work, I consider cultural aspects of the projects. I love to see the building through the human's psychology, since it's very important how the people will feel in the future buildings.
My roles are: architectural designer and BIM manager.
I am passionate about new technologies in architectural branches.

A city is a living organism, it is a chemical reaction between different elements, each element is unique, each element has its own atomic structure, and each element has its own unique characteristics.
It is a complex structure of different people, coming from different backgrounds, attached together, forming their own structure and characteristics, thriving together, bonding together, working together.
People have been moving around the globe since the very first beginning, Immigration is not a new concept or alien character to communities around the world, Immigration was the key driver to witness human civilization spreading all over the world. Europe constantly faces immigration and refugees’ crises. Finding the right approach of dealing with this issue can not only solve it, but also introduce long term and sustainable urban method that can be applied in many countries worldwide, and support economies and wellbeing.
This project idea introduces the modern approach of developing so-called module towns around important infrastructure objects (e.g. airport, factory, plant, warehouses, etc). These towns can be located near the big cities or in the remote areas. They will have a full city component: school, hospital, necessary communication facilities, art and social centers, shopping center, leisure areas, parks etc.
The building will be built in a module way, using sustainable methods of operating: block building distributed according to the family members number, circulation, connection, sustainable underground conditioners, rainwater filtering, other natural elements use, buildings are made according to the climate.
This way, the areas where usually infrastructure objects are located, will become more inclusive and can offer working places to the refugees and immigrant professionals who struggle to find the working place. Moreover, professionals will be allocated to places where they can be efficient and contribute to the local economies.