3 states of emotions; anger, soft surrender and transending all happen when we have self empathy; LOVE.

Tamar hadechian
Denmark the linear present time..
A self-taught multidisciplinary artist exploring clay. The hands being an essential tool to staying IN TOUCH; connecting everything in between.
Field of work
Visual Art, Multimedia, Curating, Research
Project category
Raising awareness
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tamar hadechian, a lebanese-born, armenian raised, wife of french; an eclectic collection of belongings reflecting a diverse heritage.
Not confined to a single discipline, spaning in many fields. While my background and education undoubtedly have influenced me, they are but threads in the vibrant tapestry of my life that have contributed to who I am today.
I am a lifelong self-educated artist. In owe how hands can bring the emotions to life.
I am a cook. Born in the family’s cooking pot, where ancestral knowhow is transmitted in an informal yet holy process.
I am a traveler, who experiences best the rest of the world, through long sojourns, random encounters, local traditions, cultural showers, art and crafts that tell unique stories and a deep appreciation for its diversity.
I have been volunteering throughout my life, as i firmly believe that true fulfillment comes not just from monetary gain; rather more in recognition, community, connection and the joy of sharing.
I am a nature lover. Deeply inspired by its ability of sparking creativity and instill a sense of belonging, co-existing and humility.
I am an avid reader of hardcover books. they are the magical door gate that connects the collective conscienceless.
I am a doctor of medical dentistry, having practiced for over 30 years, more than just a career path, it has been an immense tool for connecting with the power of hands, the rich complexity of human nature and a school for learning empathy.
It is today, from afar, that i have come to understand how enriching the combination of all this has been and how much the distance makes you realize that culture and ancestral knowledge is carried within; in a non- linear timeless manner and the intertwined nature of culture in all its forms.
Sharing something dear to her heart; EMPATHY.. fearing it could be lost; wanting it to be repeated, perpetuated... Leaving intentional traces as an act of love for those who come after

On blurring the borders , with art, food and poetry.

Of Fight, flowers and flight.

Touch is essential for humans, be it physically or metaphorically; being in touch with our emotions, learning to sit with them, observe its different states, channel them, express them, react to them, LEADS TO SELF EMPATHY, THE STARTING POINT FOR EMPATHIC LIFE LEADING TO RESPECT AND HARMONY TO EVERYTHING AND EVERY ONE AROUND.

a multidisciplinary installation consisting of:
A central piece of ceramic representing STATE OF DISCONNECTION/SELF ISOLATION ,on a rotating platform showing the changes of perspectives.
ceramic objects representing the 3 states embodied in gestures and hand expressions :of anger, soft surrender and transcending .
fotos /video of the hands in differents responses for the state of siege.
audio recording of readings representing the inner voices.poetries ect..
Food is universal, it is a daily ritual for self care and awareness. Being conscient of it is a starting point. food symbolizes altogether culture, craft-ship, nature as its source, inclusion, community, prosperity :empathic life.
Acrylic on wood painting:representing a woman with a book in her hands symbolizing the power of words, expression, communication, communion