'Compàs d'espera' (bar rest)

'Compàs d'espera' (bar rest)
Antonio Bouzas (@abw.ork)
bar rest - in a musical text, a bar made up entirely of silences -

VVAA studio
Ulldecona (Tarragona), Spain
[ b 'b a a ] n. acron. several authors (auctores varii) as the collective that participates in the process of creation and development of a project.
Team members
Aida Adcock Colas
Ingrid Bru Masip
Joan Rehues Carbassa
Facundo Viera Pérez
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Urban planning, Landscape architecture
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

VVAA studio (various authors) are Facundo Viera, Aida Adcock and the various authors who participate in the process of creating and developing a project.

We are an interdisciplinary and young architecture and urbanism studio, trained and educated in the conservation of the landscape and the territory.

We seek to work at the limits of urban planning, architecture, landscape and ephemeral installations with habitability and sustainability criteria. We investigate the relationship of architecture to the physical and cultural territory, its spatial and immaterial relationship.

We experiment with space to go one step further than just covering basic needs, delinking the quality of the space from its cost. Treating each space with proportionality and tact.

Graphic signs representing the absence of sound

Bale or bale of straw - resulting from the separation of the grain from the cereals from the part not edible by humans but by animals such as: cows and horses -

. traditional (old) material
. insulating and sound-absorbing material
. creating silence
. importance silence-noise: rhythm

...So we could say that rhythm is the element of music that measures the duration of sounds and silences...

Anechoic chamber: An anechoic chamber is a room designed to absorb sound that hits the walls in such a way that the effects of echo and acoustic reverberation disappear.
The straw walls dampen the sound like in an anechoic chamber
Rhythm is the element of music that we grasp most instinctively. Maybe because the rhythm is also in nature.
Many of the phenomena of nature are cyclical, rhythmic, repeating themselves periodically and having climaxes and moments of rest.
Straw is an element of reuse that responds to these seasonal crop cycles.

The project creates rhythms with sound and its absence.
The installation is a game of transitions between sound and silence.

Silence. Pauses