Copy of Paradis0

Copy of Paradis0
Salud López. Indafriche. Reaoner
live streaming of part of the work from IndaFriche, an urbex site in Essonne.

en lugar de creación, Indafriche, Art en Urbex
Paris Francia

in collaboration with the director Andrea Davidson and the musician Dominique Besson
Copy of Paradis0 is an artistic collaboration by choreographer-performer Salud López with interactive music by Antonio José Flores and Alberto Carretero, directorial assistance by Genevieve Mazin, lighting design by Pablo Velasco, and video by Andrea Davidson.

Graffiti: Reaone/Team/Rôti/Sowat/ Papy/Raph gb/Mg gb/Heds/ Tsf/Meik/Shird/Pest/Dume/

Paradis0 shows how the development of thought would relate to the evolutionary event and how it would adapt to the experience of fragmentation (dystopian perception) not only by considering it internally, but as a continuity in the external, and by envisaging the possibility that we could have several brains added, thanks to different devices: choreographic, bodily, "screen-graphic", "softwaric", luminous, thought, physical-sound, photosensitive, electrical."