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Soillahe HAMADI
Paris, France
A young french aspiring cinematographer and director who desires to open himself in order to share his vision to the world.
Field of work
Multimedia, Film, Photography
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

My name is Soillahe. I'm a 24 year old filmmaker from Paris. Concerned about my place as an young individual who want to express himself through media, I was always wondering how could I share my thoughts and my vision to the world to others. I'm not the kind of people who speak a lot. I'm an introverted mind, who likes mundanity and honestly. I believe that we can grow as we learn about each other. That's one of the reasons why I want to make films about people for people. I graduated from Kourtrajmé, an audiovisual school based in Paris and created by Ladj Ly, founder of the Kourtrajmé crew with Kim Chapiron & Romain Gavras.

It's been a year since I began my dream to learn how to become a director and cinematographer. And it was a challenge to explain to my family my choices as a young individual. They believed that I would pursue a career which brings a sense of security since we don't earn that much money. Since I was a kid, my family saw me as a gifted kid, a very intelligent kid who can pursue a challenging career in the future like being a scientist or something else. But I always wanted to do what I want and not doing anything to please others.

And this is the kind of background that I want to express through media in order to tell people that they have the choice like I did. Being a dreamer is not enough, I need to make my dreams come true.

I was always told that I should frame my work though the lens of the actual cinema industry. But this world is corrupted by some people who only seek for profit as they abuse of talented people who just wanted to make art. We are told that making experimental movies is not the way to go and we should build ourselves through the successful career of others.

We neglect ourselves so much in this process and that's why I want to build a community, a place, which allows filmmaker to experiment freely and to heal their inner child.

In order to change the world, I have learned that we have to focus on ourselves in order to radiate positivity. As we heal, talk from each others experiences we can build a safer place for us and bring hope for the world.