Archiving a sustainable Future (Mies. TV)

Archiving a sustainable Future (Mies. TV)
Mies. TV
Mies.TV is an architecture video platform documenting contemporary issues such as sustainability within the realm of architecture and urbanity.

Vienna, Austria (+ Paris, London, Mexico City, Rotterdam, Bratislava, Stuttgart)
Team members
Paula Brücke
Chiara Desbordes
Dominik Kastner
Theresa Margraf
Bernhard Mayer
Field of work
Multimedia, Film, Communication
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

Mies.TV is a global network at the intersection of architecture and video, based in Vienna, Paris, London, Mexico City, Stuttgart and Bratislava. The documentaries focus on current themes which challenge the architecture profession and its environment. People of the architecture realm tell their stories on current issues, such as the question of sustainability, beauty or the architecture profession itself. Mies. TV has been awarded the Architectural Prize of Honor of the City of Vienna in 2019.

Mies.TV is offering its archive of architecture documentations for European Institutions, as well as collaborating in creating further architecture documentary-videos that tackle current local and global issues. Mies.TV is currently part of the content-creating team of the European Capital City of 2024 “Bad Isch – Salzkammergut”, producing short videos on the rural potential in Europe and portraying tendecies like Community Shared Agriculture, Site-specific interventions, and multidisciplinary projects in the rural and suburban context.