Matter the Matters: Climate Change

Matter the Matters: Climate Change
Mado Sirra
Interdisciplinary practice-based research investigates the established methods in which spatial culture is defined, taught, produced and disseminated.

Mado Sirra
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Mado Sirra
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Visual Art, Curating, Research
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Raising awareness
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My practice-based research has been deeply influenced by the specificity of the sites where I work: the architectures that house them and the society, culture and politics that constitute them. The specificity of situation settings engenders an artistic approach, vocabularies, medium, work strategy and vital techniques for mediating the public’s reactions to art and its contexts. I create a complex and diverse body of work that includes art-led intervention, installation art, architecture and design works, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and performance as a “rehearse on rehearsal”.

I have developed a self-critical, reflective and constructive attitude and comprehensive perspective on theories and practices in visual art, architecture, interior, furniture, fashion, textile, graphic design, curating and creative writing through pursuing university courses, fellowships, residency programmes and projects, which broadened and deepened the theoretical and practical frameworks of my artistic practice-based research. All of these phases have been diverse vital labs to investigate the ethics, authenticity and value of my research and develop it further into substantial territories of knowledge, rehearse what I obtained in the present tense, a ‘Build on the Built’ process. I rework the potentials of the constraints into a novel approach to thinking and performing, tune the challenges that occur throughout the creative process into substantial artistic and curatorial vocabularies and work strategy, and orchestrate the constitutive components: time and timing.

My research emphasises the employment of the richness, diversity and depth of cultures to animate art concepts in a socio-political context. In the realm of globalised ideas of progress, art has come to express a certain degree of sameness around the world. We wherefore need more than ever to understand and cherish all cultural diversities and contributions of various cultures and societies.

“The era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived,” the U.N. chief declared on 23 July 2023. Considering the significance of the global health crisis, the accelerating climate change and global warming, heatwaves, floods, drought, post-pandemic reconstruction and geopolitical tensions, this interdisciplinary practice-based research develops an artistic approach and strategy to question the established methods in which knowledge is defined, taught, produced and disseminated in a politicised, polarised and complex world. A project addresses the environmental crisis and its ethical and social implications, with a focus on fields related to spatial culture. It initiates settings and provides open space and processes for participation to raise social, urban and environmental awareness and promote a significant shift in public perceptions and provide them with tools to reimagine their relationship to nature and discover how spatial culture co-shapes us. Through works of art and forms of mediation, curatorial and artistic visions will be explored. It seeks to surprise and inspire the public while promoting critical, long-term thinking about art’s role in cultural, social, economic, political and urban transitions.

My project demonstrates the integration of artistic thinking and interdisciplinary research as reflective practices. It intends to explore the significant potentials of performative thinking and scientific processes that utilise cultural, societal, sustainable and artistic perspectives and work strategies. It investigates the influence of the unprecedented challenges on cultural production and questions the boundaries between arts, humanities, science, technology, environmentalism and activism. These challenges have obviously influenced the development and expression of artworks in terms of meaning, materialisation and mediatisation. The global condition demands socially, politically and environmentally conscious cultural practices.