Nolita: A score for a film

Nolita: A score for a film
Main character from the film "Nolita: Une fée comme les autres".
Experimental score for a film which explores public spaces.

Ametz Diaz
Creative researcher looking for news ways of re-enchanting the world.
Field of work
Visual Art, Multimedia, Film
Project category
Public space
Project submitted

I am a visual artist originally from Spain, based in Paris. I have studied Fine Arts and I am now studying ArTeC Masters in Paris 8 University. I am interested in the ways of looking the world from different perspectives, especially from a queer point of view. I have presented my work in Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery (Dublin, 2019) and more recently in Les Plateaux Sauvages (Paris, 2024).

My projet consists of an experimental score for a film. For me it is a way of activating the film before I make it and to explore how diagrams can help me to understand new urban perspectives.

This score explores different ways of coexistence in public spaces from a queer perspective. My main aim is to create a fairytale in which I can explore the feeling of loneliness in big cities, the need of being part of society as individuals and queer identities as a way of occupying public spaces.

This projet has started with diagrams and drawings for now. I will publish this experimental score as a fanzine as soon as I finish it.

I would like to present this score as an experimental way of preparing a film and as a method to understand public spaces as traces, paths, shapes and poetry.

You will find a selection of diagrams and drawings in the ISSUU link.