Healing Spaces

Healing Spaces
Xhoana Kristo (author)
Architecture as regeneration of senses

Xhoana Kristo
Tirana, Albania
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Landscape architecture
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

Xhoana Kristo is an architect and urban designer focused on the relationship between light, senses, and architectural space living between Athens and Tirana, both countries with a strongly Mediterranean character. During her studies in Tirana, AL, and Guimaraes, PT had the chance to investigate further her interest in architectural design. Kristo is co-founder of “ARCHIGAMES", an innovative initiative that stimulates and promotes education and knowledge of the city for all.

This project focuses on the impact architectural space on human in their healing. Interior spatial narrations connected through exterior spaces. Inside out from light, darkness, nature, greenery, ground, sky, to smells, sounds, water and temperatures create narrations as prophylaxis to well-being in a sustainable living.