RadioLina, an immersive radio, backbone between Lina Community and the cities, listening, recording and broadcasting voices and sounds of research

Atelier Remoto + Jacopo Biffi (AlteSfere)
Bergamo, Italy
Lara and Valentina, cofounder of an architecture studio, founded in 2018, and Jacopo Biffi, an independent sound designer, based in northern Italy.
Team members
Jacopo Biffi
Valentina Merz
Lara Monacelli Bani
Field of work
Architecture, Landscape architecture, Multimedia, Research, Other
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Project submitted

Atelier Remoto, as an architecture office, has collaborated through years with architects, landscapers, professors, carpenters, dancers, musicians, foundations, curators, graphic designers, magazines as:
Carla Juaçaba, Martino Pedrozzi, New Landscapes, Elias Kuhri, Ila Beka and Louise Lemoine, Francis Kéré, Garcés - de Seta - Bonet arquitectes, Fondazione Sella, Fondazione architetti Bergamo, Ordine architetti Trento, Domus web, Ark magazine, Laboratorio Potenziale, O’Cypher Company, collettivo Paesaggi Migranti, Petrarubra Festival, Lucia Amaddeo, Matthew Bailey, Valeria Cobianchi, Michele Zanuso, Theresa Bader, Natanael Guzman, Marta Tonelli, Cornelia Mattiacci etc...
Since December 2021 is cowriter of the column Officina, about design and architecture for Ark Magazine and RadioARK, a podcast about architecture and landscape. In 2022 we received the Prize Miglior giovane progettista italiano 2022 for Dandalò summer pavilion in L’Aquila, for the museum MAXXI L'Aquila.

Jacopo Biffi is an electronic musician, graduate in Electronic Music, from the Conservatory of Milan, composer and sound designer. His musical production ranges from experimental electronic music to techno, with a particular fondness for generative music systems. He also works in sound design and soundtrack design, as well as in the construction of electronic musical instruments.
He has performed with different ensembles in such contexts as the “Inner Spaces” festival at Auditorium S.Fedele in Milan, “Bergamo Jazz,” “La Grande notte del Jazz” at Teatro Grande in Brescia, “Rhizom Festival” at Rote Fabrik in Zurich. Co-founder of the electronic/jazz/ambient project Real Timpani. He teaches electronic music production and sound design at Nam Academy in Milan and loves to build relaxed narrative spaces, slow tempos, small sonic ecosystems that arise, meet and disappear to make room for new possibilities.

RadioLina mingles with citizens, inhabitants and participants, acting as a backbone between Lina's Platform and the surroundings.
It aims to listen, attend, research, record and broadcast far and wide, voices and sounds of the events hold by LINA.
We, as an architect and a sound designer, are deeply interested in the urban left over spaces of transformation and unpredictable change. We’d like people to start moving consciously through the landscape that inhabit and involuntary affect. All contributions from LINA's members could reach anybody and become a base of knowledge and care, coordinates to map a common and sensitive ground of research. We will move between streets, neighborhoods, squares, stations, informal gathering spaces, community centers and crowds, from the epicenter of happenings to the periphery, recording sounds and words of projects, encounters, and research, fostering the appaesionment of those who participate and the involvement of those who want to listen. Immersive or subtle, sound will guide curiosity by suggesting and dilating, sometimes amplifying, sometimes reducing the landscapes we cross and the real or hypothetical transformations taking place.
Is it possible to address urban changes through the soundscapes of places? How powerful can be memory, impressions and imagination of the inhabitants?
How magnetic can be sounds and voices from inside the spots of discussion, how much words and sound can break given boundaries and push people to challenge their geographical limits?
We are fascinated to foster the city and its inhabitants a new lexicon of imagination, without drawings, images, using a democratic, easy and light tool, the radio, made of words, sounds and interferences. RadioLina is an immersive light alcove of voices of spaces, to be carried in your pocket and left on, as long as you wish.
See as realized projects that transversally explored the urban _RadioARK - 2022, Thanks VICO - 2023, Com(e)Mossa- 2024, Lisola-2024.


Atelier Remoto + Jacopo Biffi (AlteSfere)
Atelier Remoto + Jacopo Biffi (AlteSfere)
Atelier Remoto, as an architecture office, has collaborated through years with architects, landscapers, professors, carpenters, dancers, musicians, foundations, curators, graphic designers, magazines as: Carla Juaçaba, …

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