Repository is an ongoing collection of documentary photographs presenting the relationship between man and the city.

Isidora, Jana, Lana
Belgrade, Serbia
Team members
Jana Čvertkov
Lana Jeremić
Isidora Koščica
Field of work
Visual Art, Multimedia, Film, Photography
Project category
Public space
Project submitted

The project was created by Isidora Koščica (born in 2002), Jana Čvertkov (born in 2001), and Lana Jeremić (born in 2000), multimedia artists based in Belgrade. Their combined interests range from photography and video art to design.

Repository is an ongoing collection of documentary photographs that present the relationship between man and the city through images taken in the past three years in Belgrade, Serbia. It looks at the city as an ever-changing and growing archive of arbitrary objects that shape its identity. Through the depictions of desolate, human-altered landscapes, the photographs aim to raise the question:

Is the city purely a result of human action, or does it inevitably become a thing for itself?

This project continues to grow just like its main subject. By capturing the constant repurposing of spaces, we try to shed light on the changing nature of the city as a repository shaped by human behavior. These lost and found curiosities represent personal footnotes of this metamorphosis. But in a true documentary fashion, we allow our surroundings to create the narrative, and as time goes by, we often find ourselves and these photographs in the middle of such a change.