Accessible Acoustic wellbeing

Accessible Acoustic wellbeing
By Jeremy Leung
Acoustics in modern living space are often after thought . mixture of Absorption & Diffusion ,proposd design will serve as focal point of your space.

Jeremy Leung
Utrecht Netherlands
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Visual Art
Project category
Raising awareness
Project submitted

'19 National Music Festival Recording Apprenticeship
'19 Nest Recorders - Assistant Engineer
'20-21 HKU - Composer / Sound Designer
'21 Fire Pillar - Audio Director
'22 SI Games - Sound Designer

'19 Los Angeles College of Music B.A.
'23 Institute of Acoustics PG.Dip
'24 University of the Arts Utrecht M.A.

Acoustics is often the least priority in civil engineering, architecture & interior design ,

Concurrently commercial marketplaces are flooded with Foam & Panel "solutions" which is insignificant to the comparable wavelength .

This proposal is to demystify and understand the science/physics behind acoustics, placement of a mixture of diffusion & absorption.

Such installation not only serve as improvement in Acoustics & noise reduction , It could also serve in multipurpose*such as double as light fixtures / as a vase / centerpiece in a room .

Audience can maneuver with the installation to create there own ideal acoustic domain . which also emphasize on the co-create process.

As this site specific design will commensurately applicable to majority of the housing situations, It could plate up as reference / inspiration for audiences for their own approach to their own living space.