Bug Life

Bug Life
Isabella Pieroni
The hidden architecture of the megaminiworld

Viola Domeniconi - Isabella Pieroni
Italian theater duo who focuses his work on voice, body and stage awareness.
Team members
Viola Domeniconi
Isabella Pieroni
Field of work
Visual Art, Other
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Raising awareness
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Viola Domeniconi
Her studies embrace dramaturgical composition, performance and choreographic score. A master's degree in Visual Arts, she began her journey as an actress in 2008, studying and dialoguing with artists and performers from the territory and beyond, such as Teatro Patalò, Teatro dei Venti, James Donlon, Julian Hetzel. Since 2016, her research has delved into the sphere of dance and performance, thanks to the encounter with MaraOscar Cassiani, Alessandro Sciarroni and Tamara Cubas. In 2020, he embarked on an advanced training course with the Societas Raffaello Sanzio Institute in Cesena. In the same year, she staged her first work as an author, the performance Pale Blued Dot, thanks to the support of the municipality of Poggio Torriana. In 2021, together with Isabella Pieroni, she wrote and acted in the short film Nigredo, directed by Alberto Magnani and Andrea Pecci, which competed at the Ferrara Film Festival (2023) and at the Sedicicorto Festival in Forlì (2023). In 2023, with Isabella Pieroni, she created "Kalumbra, stories of ships, sailors and mysterious creatures", a performance for children.

Isabella Pieroni
His journey towards the art of acting began in 2008 through laboratories and workshops, moving to Rome in 2016 to study for two years at the Duse International Centre for Cinema and Theatre.
The meeting with the Compagnia Arte e Salute of Bologna, with whom he collaborated for a year, was fundamental for his training. Social theatre operator, trained by Pascal La Delfa and Massimo Bonechi.
Bonechi, currently works as a coach for Samuele Sbrighi's La Valigia dell'attore, taking care of the acting workshops for children, teenagers and adults.

Theatre workshop for children aged 6 to 12. Through play and improvisation, we will invite children to study insects, with a particular focus on the movement, social and spatial dynamics of insect colonies. What sound does a termite make? How does a bee fly? How does an ant orientate itself in an anthill?
The aim of the laboratory is to invite children to build their colony, their world, a shared space, using the mysterious system of insects as an example. The workshop includes a return installation/performance by the participants.