Non architecture

Non architecture
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Apstraction and program transforamtion of context

Gorana Stipeč Brlić
Rijeka, Croatia
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Gorana Stipeč Brlić
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Architecture, Design, Urban planning, Landscape architecture, Curating
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Raising awareness
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I am architect form Rijeka, with a degree from Ljubljana's University. I worked in deferent offices such as Atelier arhitekti in Ljubljana or Dražul Glušica architects in Rijeka. From 2016. I have my own studio AO16. Notable projects are Riperaj for wich I won Special recognition in Biennale of Novi Sad. I have won third and fourt prize in aarchitectural competitions for design of kindergarden in Split and Zagreb in last year. Beside my practice I lead Association of architects in Rijeka and I am coordinator of youth section Sekcija. All community projects are oriented towards suptile education about space of people of different age. Notable projects are Neboderi, Riječka arhitektura od 1991-2018 and school of architecture for children 'Minijatura'. Currently I work on a PHD on Faculty of architecture in Zagreb.

Today we live in a time of conservativ revoltion wich caused turnig ourselfs to local. We are now in urge to recognize the existing valuable parameters in our souraunding context. Like artists from the begining of XX. century started with apstraction as final result of deliberating art from all dogma's. Today architecture can be free and develope itself in only additional qualitiy of existing context lettin people who use it and programm to transform it being only a director of space.