Utter Obliteration of Mongolia

Utter Obliteration of Mongolia
Marie Bryan
Preservation of the human race, Adam and Eve; and parallel obliteration of God.

Marie Bryan
Cork, Ireland
I was Eve. I said "Hiya". Adam said "Kind of". I am now Mongolia.
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Marie Bryan
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Design, Visual Art, Curating, Communication, Research
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Marie; wannabe dramatist; first year Fine Art student at MTU Crawford, Cork, Ireland.
I care for the future of humanity.

I feel Russia is going to blow a hole through the earth, starting at Mongolia. Please check converse. All of Mongolia must go.
This is apolitical and ageographical. It is achronological and a spatial. It has already happened. Time stopped, yesterday.
There are no supports.
I've been to Heaven and back. My knowledge of the interior is a dark fog. Heaven is to be found deep beneath Mongolia. Across from the dark arch entrance mist of Heaven was a deep rock wall, down , down, to Heaven's doorstep. When I WAS THERE, I instantaneously lit it up, like sparkling pink champagne. I was then taken in, by Adam, in his mist. I have no knowledge of the interior.
This project is written in our very existence.
All salt must be removed from Lake Baikal. I propose intense Global Warming. We are in a 50,000 year Solar Cycle, and plastics or no plastics is not an issue.
As Eve, bringing home Dave and Joy, I suggest we all chillax.