Maison Florida is what artists need

Maison Florida is what artists need
photo by Lore Praet – summer eve in Maison Florida, digesting the fully loaded day
Researching what the arts and its artists need

The School
Hasselt, Belgium
Team members
Elke Cuppens
Gust Denteneer
Milan Gillard
Pablo Hannon
Stef Lemmens
Işıl Yücel
Field of work
Urban planning, Curating, Research
Project category
Rural spaces
Project submitted

The School is a non profit organisation that researches the improvement of a city via creative and didactic experiments, space making and more, always interdisciplinary and intercultural. The School started in 2017 and has since then created various spaces in various cities, providing a new nomadic neighbourhood inside the city. In its short history The School has hosted thousands of artists and hundreds of events. Its energy has been named legendary, as if it is the last day on earth.

The School has been addressing societal issues since its birth. How can a neighbourhood be revived via a playground? How can we see the people in the shadow of the city? What are the needs of an artist? These are only a few of the research topics, always answered with art festivals, creative experiments, space making, publications, and more.
Maison Florida is the most recent project of The School, and has been hosting a growing community. During covid it has proven to be the most safe and healthy space around. Flexibility regarding the constantly changing rules, plain common sense combined with crazy connections resulted in joy and love and care for each other.
The School offers space for ideas, for arguments and creating, for activism too. No protests are shaped in its spaces, unless you consider the refusal to accept other systematic offers where humans are numbers.

A place for joy and play and to grow and orientate amid the chaos of outside world. Maison Florida is what lots of people need, artists find it a safe space. Wherever they come from, whatever they look like, or whatever they wish to explore. How nuts this might sound.

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