Non Stop Hydroponics

Non Stop Hydroponics
Rodrigo Diaz Moraga
this project reuses the water contaminated by mining through a purification tower which feeds a hydroponic ship destined for a population.

Bosque Estudio
Rancagua, Chile
Team members
Eduardo Arias
Federica Mambrini
Field of work
Architecture, Design, Ecology
Project category
Project submitted

This office its involve whit active tools against climate change

According to the F.A.O (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), 25% of agricultural soils worldwide are severely degraded.
Chile has a rainfall deficit in 70%
The proposed hydroponic production and research center aims to increase by 1800% (from 2.106m to 40.000m) the arable area, through a NFT system that is distributed along 117m in 5 levels, using for this 500 hydroponic cultivation chassis which increases the arable area from 1 to 70 m2To deal with this composition of ghettos, it is necessary have urban appropriation devices that give meaning to these gap spaces. The project proposes the use of these soils as a reminiscence agricultural, which through hydroponic cultivation scaffolding offers a dual solution by weaving the dimension urban with the agrarian dimension.