‘Unseen [spaces, Beyond] walls’

‘Unseen [spaces, Beyond] walls’
Unseen spaces beyond walls

tuce alba
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tuce alba
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Architecture, Design, Urban planning, Communication
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Public space
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Tuce Alba is an architect, musician, composer, and sound artist living in Istanbul/Berlin who uses various elements and techniques to build performative spatiotemporal experiences, invisible soundscapes, and audio-visual narratives through sound by employing synthesizers, instruments, field recordings, or any other tool that transforms silence into sound. Her works explore bodily perception and expression of the acoustic environment and the listener’s movement patterns within, with the help of textural details created by the relationship of sound and space, improvised spatial compositional structures, layers crafted with analog synthesizers, and deeply immersive drones and noise sounds. Evaluation of relationships between spaces, buildings, and sound through individual observations on the urban scale constitutes her research methodology. To make critical and creative interventions in sonic urban environments, understanding the sound conditions of cities and people’s experiences with urban sounds is important. In this effort, her research as an architect and sound artist through embracing the sonic modes of urban analysis and design in order to understand better the cities and urban life continues.

Architecture is both a temporal and spatial concept. It is concerned with the design and construction of physical spaces and their relationship with time. "Unseen [spaces, Beyond] walls" aims to explore immaterial architecture by utilizing sound as the main material to design traversable, lightweight, and open-filtered spaces that are experienced through soundwaves rather than solid walls. The project seeks to challenge conventional architectural practices that define spaces by solid walls and instead create spaces that are experienced through footsteps and soundwaves. By redefining the conventional notion of space, the project offers an alternative architectural approach that focuses on creating a sonic atmosphere that reflects the user's perspective. The project utilizes electro-acoustic techniques to create spaces that are interconnected and rely on sound and its absence to create walls. The sonic walls are experienced through the ears, enabling users to move around freely and experience the space. By breaking down the limitations created by solid walls, the project offers a new perspective on architecture that emphasizes the importance of sound in shaping our perception of space.