Techniques for together

Techniques for together
A community home designed in a project "Earthbound" explores stage typology, an open structure as a resource that valorises collective day-to-day activities and enfolds traditional craftsmanship.
Researching histories and typological potentialities of community houses for developing resilient communities and alternative forms of domesticity.

Konstantin P. Kim
Vienna, Austria
Konstantin P. Kim is an architect and a writer, through ideas of labour and publicness he explores the urban and emerging architectural typologies.
Field of work
Architecture, Urban planning
Project category
Public space
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Graduated from University of Applied Arts Vienna, Konstantin's interest lie in understanding the developments of architectural languages and forms of production of architecture as political processes. His latest text, "Moscow, a city of mutual silence", published in "forA on the Urban", deals with transformations of capital's public spaces, publicness and production of culture as outcomes of forced depoliticisation.
Together with KaWai Cheung and Aleksa Milojević he co-founded "Half-circus", a travelling collective which explores architecture of communal living and working.

Whether it is a factory or an office, our work is a space of production, whether it is an apartment building or a private house, our home, is a space of reproduction. Lately we have observed mixtures, however both still exist with their own persistent typological spatial qualities. The idea of a third space, a space not centred on production or re-production, but rather on a hybrid form of both, carries within itself rich histories and experiments: from ancient agoras to Soviet worker clubs and into the digital space. Understanding those precedents, social-reproductive labour situated in them and their spatial qualities allows for development of architectural knowledge and practice outside of domestic-public dichotomy and ultimately it can help to question logics of both.
“Techniques for together” is an umbrella term for research and design practice which is concerned with third spaces and collective forms of domesticity.