Innovatorium N01: Hydrostructure as the city core

Innovatorium N01: Hydrostructure as the city core
Architectural visualization of hydrostructure concept
Encapsulating the body of water

Una Korica
Belgrade, Serbia
Field of work
Architecture, Urban planning, Visual Art
Project category
Public space
Project submitted

Completed Masters in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.
Wide field of interests ranging from hydrology to educational systems, where sustainability and environmental management prevail. Aiming to find a career at the intersection point of diplomatic, humanitarian and architectural ideals.

The urgency of implementing new wastewater management systems, as well as the extreme degree of water contamination, provide a field of opportunities within which, with care, applying already formulated and reliable principles of sustainability, modern technologies can be integrated into more far-reaching urban regeneration and, accordingly, general systematization of water ecosystem treatments in urban areas. Innovatorium N01, based on the recognition of possibilities and respected principles, determines the application of the concept of ultrastructures as the basic formal and organizational aspect of newly designed optimizing systems of urban infrastructure and primarily provides the design of a hydrostructure. Vertical ultrastructures inspire the possibility of sustainable and evolutionary development of water systems within the urban environment that function as autonomous cores, continuously connected with the broader environment, providing the possibility of a rich spatial diversity with inexhaustible potential for creating new relationships within the same form.