Magistrala: Unlocking Potential of Urban Highways

Magistrala: Unlocking Potential of Urban Highways
2010 The street is my place for action Our first intervention aimed to restore balance among users of the Magistrala. In collaboration with Tomas Dzadon. foto: Zoran Kovačević
Discover how we're transforming Magistrala – turning a 20th-century legacy into a boulevard, where the pulse of the city meets the community life.

CCEA MOBA Centre for Central European Architecture MOBA Practise for community work
Prague, Czech Republic
We focus on cultivating the urban environment in Central Europe. Empowering local communities and advancing the public good defines our mission.
Team members
Karin Grohmannová
Igor Kovačević
Field of work
Architecture, Urban planning, Landscape architecture
Project category
Public space
Project submitted

CCEA MOBA focuses on cultivating the urban environment in Central Europe. Our main activities are connected with projects in the fields of art, architecture, urbanism, and landscape. Our aim is to make a significant impact with a small, creative team of 5-10 people. This is why we chose to concentrate on programming and organizing international design competitions for the public sector, with the goal of enhancing our environment. Unlike typical public procurement practices, which often involve layers or administrative workers, our team comprises architects, urbanists, environmentalists and art theoreticians. In last ten years, we have successfully completed 80 competitions with high-quality proposals in the Czech Republic. Collaborating with international and local designers, artists, planners, we intricately shape environments.

Furthermore, we have initiated two transformative projects in Prague focusing on transport infrastructure, emphasizing innovative Bottom-Up. Over the past decade, we have been gradually transforming areas around the Negrelli Viaduct, a 19th-century train structure, and Magistrala, a 70th-speedway in the centre of Prague. We believe transport infrastructure, as a significant element of public property, holds the potential to empower the public realm towards a more community-driven democracy. We consider our long-term projects as important case studies to be discussed at conferences. (,
In addition to our practice, we engage in research projects, workshops, and conferences to foster discourse on emerging themes. Our recent debate project, "Hyperlocal: Towards Community-led Places," will be held on June in Prague and Brno.
Our mission is dedicated to empowering local communities and advancing the public good. The Centre for Central European Architecture is an independent, non-profit organization. MOBA is a practice for community work. Established in Prague in 2001.

Magistrala – The New Prague Boulevard
Since 2010, we have been focusing on reclaiming Magistrala - Prague speedway, an engineering structure from the 1970s built through the city center. Over ten years, together with architects, planners, artists, and mainly citizens, we are step by step transforming Magistrala into a livable space for everyone - into the New Prague Boulevard. Transport infrastructure resulting from 20th-century planning represents a significant element of public property that has the potential to empower the public realm toward a more community-driven democracy.

This project represents a ten-year process dedicated to cultivating inherited structures using innovative bottom-up methods developed in collaboration with visual, multimedia, and conceptual artists, and primarily citizens. We aim to find solutions to improve, transform, or renovate aging highways inherited from 1970s planning strategies. These areas and their surroundings, which have separated our neighbourhoods for the past 50 years, can once again serve as connectors and places for local communities.