artwork and photograph by me
Parcel boxes, couriers and delivery in Brno. Exploring capsularization in the office parks of Czech Republic’s second largest city through video.

Sofie Gjuričová
Brno, Czech Republic
I am an architect most concerned with my field’s political context. I project what I currently deem crucial into video and writing.
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Architecture, Visual Art, Film, Research
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Project submitted

Pushing my field's boundaries as far as possible. I study at the Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague and I completed two internships regarding moving image - at the Centre for Audiovisual Studies at FAMU, Prague and at Studio Video at FAVU VUT in Brno.
I previously worked on two short films with Jasmína Lustigová. The former, Arkada, is situated in and narrated by the floor of the first shopping center built in Prague after the 1989 revolution. By reflecting on events that took place on her marble tiles, she tells a different story of post-soviet transformation in central Europe, than we usually hear. Layering 3D graphics onto shot footage enabled us an architectural practice even in the film environment. We screened the film at Ulicna Galerija, Belgrade, in Kino CIT, Brno and at the UMPRUM Biennial 2024.
We used a similar technique in our second film Sauna, an outcome of ArtyčokTV Open Call which we won in 2023. The competition awarded a financial grant to a short film proposal. Sauna is a northern thriller situated in a new development on the outskirts of Prague. Suomi Hloubětín is a residential district stylized into attributed of Finland. The main character struggles with the difference of what was promised in the developer’s visualizations and the bleak reality. Sauna is a thrilling tale of fetishizing ‘northern aesthetics’ and the political potential of architectural visualizations. Sauna is set to premiere on the 16th of May, 2024.
The political predispositions and consequences of architecture are a recurrent theme in what I do. Besides film, I project them into writing. I’ve written articles and reviews for Czech journals, A2, Artalk and Artyčok. Overall, I am a freelancer in the widest possible scope of architecture. I work on 3D commissions, architecture design for exhibitions and posters.
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My project is about the capsularization of the city as described in Lieven de Cauter’s essay ‘The Capsule and the Network’ and examines it in Vlněna, Brno through the format of a video clip.
The capsule is a form of media that shields the human subject from the acceleration of life in modern society. The wheel, for example, requires a capsule to be used at the rapid pace of modern society - a car. Similarly, housing has become capsular to tackle the need for workers in cities. Increasingly though, we come across virtual capsules, most often the screen, through which the majority of services are mediated to us.
In the post-covid society, capsules have become more apparent in the city than ever. The sudden need for social distancing at the beginning of the pandemic gave rise to a new infrastructure of delivery and transport, which became the most visible legacy of covid times - delivery boxes, taxis and couriers are present at all times and as delivery times shorten, the habits of eating and shopping change drastically. Besides being dependent on the gig economy, this form of capsularization is ecologically problematic and in its deregulated form, it can corrode urban fabric.
The rampant growth of this economy and its physical infrastructure is especially vivid in the second largest Czech city Brno. Urban deregulation has a typical form in the aftermath of the post-communist transformation of the country. Brno doesn’t profit from the tradition of conservation that we see in Prague, and its formerly industrial parts are often being transformed into capsules of office parks that form a strange ecosystem together with the delivery economy.
The outcome of my research will be an approximately 6 minute music clip, accompanied by a text publication. I am already working with a music producer and plan to combine shot and 3D animated footage as in my previous work. The result will be displayable in a gallery space or screenable and I will finish it in August 2024.