Tempo Libero

Tempo Libero
Eugenio Ampudia. Dónde Dormir 3 (ARCO). Single-channel projection with sound. 3 minutes. 2013.
Designing Time (Materiality, Experience, Affects)

Esteban Salcedo
Madrid, Spain
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Esteban Salcedo
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Architecture, Urban planning, Curating, Research
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Raising awareness
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PhD Architect from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM). As a practitioner, he has collaborated in different offices: Arquitecturas Torres Nadal in Murcia, Elisa Valero Arquitectos in Granada and Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris. Between 2014 and 2022 he has been Project Director in estudioHerreros, an architecture studio with a wide experience in the design of cultural institutions such as the New Munch Museum in Oslo. His academic production relies on research and teaching. Between 2013 and 2018 he has been a member of the Emerging Practices research group at ETSAM, and has contributed to international publications such as San Rocco Magazine, Desierto, Materia, Pidgin or CPA. He has also published chapters in books including the monograph on “Caño Roto” published by the Ministerio de Fomento in Spain, the book “Call to Order” published by the University of Miami and the book “Documents to Come” published by Ediciones Asimétricas. He is currently a member of the editorial committee of the Revista Indexada de Textos Académicos (RITA), where he contributes regularly.
As a lecturer, he has taught at ETSAM, at the Architectural Association of London, and at the University of Miami and he’s currently adjunct lecturer at Universidad Andrés Bello, in Chile. His study issues have allowed him to participate as a member of the curatorial team of the GSAPP “Constructing Practice Seminar” at Columbia University in New York and he has recently been invited to participate in research groups at the Canadian Center of Architecture in Montreal, at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Curatorial Research Collective in Eindhoven.

TEMPO LIBERO is conceived as a MATERIAL research proposal for the construction of a prototype for a free time pavilion against the prevailing chronological regime. A design that responds, through architecture, to a new definition of leisure and free time in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the replacement of the workforce by artificial intelligence, the reduction in working hours and the increase in life expectancy. Retaking Umberto Eco and Vittorio Gregotti's theme for the 1964 Triennale Milano, TEMPO LIBERO responds to this near-future scenario by proposing an environment of disconnection, of temporal autonomy, of resistance; which will allow those lacking free time to challenge the wheel of efficiency and productivity by rituals that "make time habitable" according to Byung-Chul Han's recent essay. A platform for the construction of a new subjectivity in which the body acts as matter. Associated with the pleasure of resting, of the conscious and symbolic action of stopping, of putting time in parenthesis. A small escape from the world. An interval in which time opens up. Perhaps, as Marc Augé suggests, it is there, in those small pleasures, that we find something akin to happiness. TEMPO LIBERO will be conceived, therefore, as a protocol: a set of consensual instructions resulting from the research period, and from conversations with the rest of the LINA fellows engaged, which will be constructed and deployed in one of the events associated with LINA. An action system more than an object -OPERA APERTA- ready to deal with uncertainty and conscious of its own temporality assuming material, circulatory and relational conditions of new reality. The image of Eugenio Ampudia lying on cushions at an empty ARCO fair, invites us to believe that it is possible to revisit the theme of free time within a physical aesthetic discourse, relating to the emancipatory function of art and architecture in the face of the vertiginous dematerialising advance of technology.