"I am Circe": Reimagining Ecological Consciousness

"I am Circe": Reimagining Ecological Consciousness
Illustrations by Chiara Anaclio
Reimagining Circe: Embodied Mythology for a Sustainable Future. Explore interconnectedness through performance, pedagogy and ecological consciousness.

Rome, Italy- Berlin, Germany
Luisa Spina is a transdisciplinary artist who thrives on challenging societal narratives to pave the way for a transformative future.
Field of work
Ecology, Visual Art, Multimedia, Research, Other
Project category
Raising awareness
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Luisa Spina is a transdisciplinary artist hailing from Italy and currently living and working between Rome and Berlin. Her artistic practice delves into diverse disciplines, including visual art, social sculpture, performance, curatorial practice, workshop facilitation, and education, reflecting her passion for exploration and collaboration. With a background in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins and a Master's Degree in Social Sculpture from Oxford, Luisa's work is imbued with a deep understanding of social and ecological dynamics, emphasising dialogue processes, transdisciplinary research, and connective practices aimed at fostering creative transformation and social and ecological justice. Her dedication to transformative participatory processes and public engagement has earned her recognition, including a fellowship at the Royal Society of Arts in London. As the founder of Loopart, she curated and organised events, emphasising community building and collaboration. Luisa's involvement in the Social Sculpture Academy and Room to Bloom reflects her commitment to feminist and ecological issues on a transnational scale. Her recent training in Integral Movement and Performance Praxis underscores her holistic approach to self-awareness and leadership development. Currently engaged in research groups exploring ecological issues and postcolonial feminism, Luisa integrates Social Sculpture and IMPP pedagogies into her work as an artist, performer, and educator, embodying a profound commitment to art as a catalyst for social change.

"I am Circe" emerges as a transdisciplinary endeavour aiming to challenge patriarchal narratives and explore themes of metamorphosis and interconnectedness. Inspired by Madeline Miller's reinterpretation of Circe, it seeks to emancipate individuals from antiquated societal structures, reclaiming feminine power, nurturing profound connections with nature and advocating for a more sustainable existence. Through workshops and performances, participants engage in personal and collective reflection, blending mythology with contemporary realities to foster novel insights. The project unfolds across three stages - deconstruction of old narratives, exploration of interconnectedness, and metamorphosis beyond gender dichotomy - challenging traditional boundaries between spectator and performer while prompting contemplation on gender, agency, and ecological consciousness. In the second phase, the Animal Body workshop, offers a profound exploration of our relationship with nature amid the global environmental crisis. Through deep listening and embodied movement, participants delve into the essence of the animal self, transcending the body/mind dichotomy. This transformative experience fosters a profound connection with the environment, paving the way for fresh perspectives. The workshop's efficacy stems from its ability to challenge conventional perceptions of reality, sparking curiosity and fostering reflection. Testimonials confirm feelings of empowerment, connection, and enrichment, underlining its impact as a platform for collective exploration and transformation. Looking ahead, "I am Circe" aims to evolve into immersive experiences resonating with audiences, fostering deeper connections to self, nature, and community. Through its global contextualisation, the project fosters exploration of ecological themes and personal growth. It envisions collaboration with various entities such as institutions and schools, alongside comprehensive project production.