Basalt Nests: Vision for Sustainable Urban Comfort

Basalt Nests: Vision for Sustainable Urban Comfort
MK & SDXL 0.9
"Resilient Shelter for Sustainable Cities"

Maja Kalogera
Zagreb, Croatia
Team members
Lara Kalogera
Maja Kalogera
Field of work
Architecture, Ecology, Visual Art, Multimedia, Research
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Project submitted

I am Maja, an artist who's deeply passionate about synergy of architecture and new media projects. I've been fortunate to work on a mix of theoretical and built projects. Each one has been a chance to push my creative boundaries and incorporate innovative elements. I love the challenge of finding that perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, making spaces that inspire and uplift the communities they serve.
In the ever-evolving landscape of modern architecture, I've been keen on embracing digital practice. By harnessing the power of technology, I've dived into augmented reality, virtual spaces, and the metaverse. These digital explorations have allowed me to expand the possibilities of architectural praxis, making the design process more immersive and interactive.
While I cherish my architectonical endeavors, my heart truly lights up with my new media projects. The freedom to experiment and create in this space is incredibly liberating. I've been exploring the potential of interactive installations, blurring the lines between art and audience. It's been a joy to witness people engaging with my work and finding their own meaning in it.
In the end, my goal is to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity while staying true to my roots. I want my art and architecture to resonate with people on a personal level, to bring a sense of wonder and connection to their lives. It's a privilege to be on this path, and I can't wait to see where it leads next.
Latest recognitions were:
2022 -honorary mention at Bee Breaders Competition Sleeping pods for Square project
2021- group exhibition Generative Unfoldings at MIT, Boston with Greed online installation

Basalt Nests is a proposal that addresses the pressing challenges posed by the environmental crisis while redefining urban spaces through sustainable design. It seeks to create purpose-built shelters, strategically placed within cities, to shield citizens from extreme temperatures, electromagnetic radiation, and promote social well-being.
The inspiration behind Basalt Nests stems from the need to revolutionize urban living. As urbanization accelerates and the environmental impact intensifies, providing comfortable and eco-conscious spaces for city dwellers becomes crucial. By integrating cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials, Basalt Nests offers a holistic approach to spatial culture.
Our project's success lies in its interdisciplinary collaboration. Architects, urban planners, environmentalists, and local communities come together to create transformative spaces. Basalt, a durable volcanic rock, forms the foundation of these shelters, providing exceptional insulation and electromagnetic shielding properties.
The most successful aspect of Basalt Nests is its versatility. The modular design allows to cater to different urban contexts, ensuring scalability and adaptability.
Through pilot initiatives, the project's functionality will be tested and valuable feedback gathered. The data collected will drive continuous improvement, optimizing energy efficiency and user experience. By involving citizens in the design process, it will foster a sense of pride and ownership within communities.
Looking to the future, Basalt Nests envisions a transformation of cities worldwide. The project's impact extends beyond providing shelter; it encourages a paradigm shift towards sustainable urban living. As emerging technologies evolve, it will integrate smart systems for real-time monitoring, adapting to citizens' needs.
Basalt Nests aligns seamlessly with the objective of reshaping urban landscapes, and making resilient, inclusive, and sustainable cities.