Arquitetura Entre Vistas ABROAD, podcast

Arquitetura Entre Vistas ABROAD, podcast
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Ana Catarina Silva
Porto, Portugal
author of the podcast Arquitetura Entre Vistas (ABROAD)
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Ana Catarina Silva
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Architecture, Multimedia, Curating, Communication, Research
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Ana Catarina Silva, 24 years old from Porto, Portugal.
I have delivered my Master's Thesis on Architecture at Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade do Porto, by the end of 2023.
Before university I though I would enjoy to pursue architecture but with each passing day, I become more certain of it.
In my 2nd year of the course I wanted to know more, I was mainly curious to know more about the ideas behind the projects. Why not to ask those thinking about it - the architects them selves? Within all this naivety the podcast "Arquitetura Entre Vistas" was born. In this 1st season I have interviewed 100 portuguese architects, with weekly episodes (2020-203).

In January 2024, the podcast came back with an international approach - Arquitetura Entre Vistas ABROAD - with 3 episodes per month with an architect from any part of the world.
Ideas are the most marvellous thing and they must be shared and contamine and be contaminated. This is the only purpose of this project, to let ideas reach new places and blossom elsewhere.
As so, I aim to dive deep into each practice and try to discover the things that are most dear to them and explore that field alongside them. To produce architectural thought from there is my aim. For others to listen and engage with it is my hope.

I am currently working at an architecture atelier and finishing my formation to enter the Portuguese "Architects Association". I am also very into doing sports, walking by the sea, spending time with family, reading and looking for the next thing to do...probably taking part in an architecture workshop or a summer internship.
(If I am not doing any of these, I am either: studying for an interview, editing an interview, looking for new practices to talk to, editing the graphic/video material for an interview or actually interviewing).

Arquitetura Entre Vistas (now "Arquitetura Entre Vistas ABROAD") is a podcast aiming to be "your public space for thinking architecture".

What first started (2020) as an idea from a 2nd year architecture student, sharing debates with portuguese ateliers , has gained life...and in 2024 it has gone "abroad".
To instigate thought, raise critical thinking, blossom new ideas, share references is the main and only intent of this project.

This second season has just started and I have a lot of will power and belief to keep on going with it: discovering new practices from anywhere, connecting new references, creating new perspectives, sharing it borderlessly. I have had the pleasure to exchange ideas with many good contemporary thinkers: from Esch Sintzel AND Lutjens Padmanabhan (CH) to Takefumi Aida (JP), Denise Scott Brown (USA) name a few.

My proposal is to give continuity to this chain of thought the project has unleashed. Which means to keep up with the interviews (as the main focus), reaching new publics and new ateliers. But also, to give lectures/write articles and to produce a written publication is something that I would consider as necessary "to give continuity". This is why I believe LINA would be such a good company for the podcast. I relate very much to this attitude of making things happen, it would be an honour to join forces with you in this beautiful project.