Module #3070

Module #3070
Courtesy Quindoa, New York | DELACAVE Association For Art, Dubai/Venice/New York
Modular Architecture

DELACAVE Architectes | Architectural Think Tank
Venice Italy / New York USA
Team members
Zach Cohen
Maria Sophia Dandolo
Cécile Durand
Liliana Gambino
Albino Gatta
Thomas Girard
Isabella Grimaldi
Fabienne Andrea Keller
Jacky Myers
Asaki Osabuki
Stuart Alexander Schibli (Head Architect)
Juan Torres
Mimo Vermont
Nava Wachs
Field of work
Project category
Sustainable mobility
Project submitted

Module #3070. Circular. Modular. Transportable.

Module #3070 is an architectural system that withstands the demands of daily life. The modular system allows a wide range of applications, from individual houses to settlements.

A single module is designed to fit the load capacity of a 40-ton truck, as well a 44” shipping container.
One Module is temporarily located in France in the context of “Terrain Vague,” a project that addresses questions about the usability of wastelands, particularly their socioeconomic and ecological sustainability.

Module #3070. Circular. Modular. Transportable.