Worlding our environnement a collective experience

Worlding our environnement a collective experience
@Office for Planetary Relationships
“Species interdependence is the name of the worlding game on earth, and that game must be one of response and respect” Donna Haraway When Species Meet

Office for Planetary Relationships
Paris, France
OPR is a creative practice looking at the architecture relational capacities and the architect’s role as an active participant in a new paradigm.
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Architecture, Design, Ecology, Film, Research
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I am Charline, a trained architect (France, UK) based in Paris, France. Following a decade working all around the globe, I realised my practice as it was, couldn’t align with my commitment to fight climate change. I decided to shift focus to a more regenerative practice studying at Central Saint Martins the MA in regenerative design. 
I have created the R&D department for Ory Architecture, working on the transformation of the architect’s role, from materials to a more holistic approach. I am also bringing a new curriculum into the company through the creation of a podcast, facilitating co.creation workshops and creating a new information platform to sustain a long transformation.
I am developing my practice through the Office for Planetary Relationships, emphasizing how architecture can enhance our connections with the planet. My vision for architecture in the future extends beyond traditional concepts of constructing spaces to envisioning areas that promote connectivity with all forms of life.

In its literal definition, Worlding will be to make the world. Donna Haraway’s quote brings two main values of interdependence between species and dialogue. Only through collective symbiotics, we could make a world together. The framework presented here is giving us a playground to open a dialogue with all other livings in our environment. Split into four layers, this framework is looking to inform the interconnection of our past, present and future decisions.
The proposal wants to open the dialogue to refine and expand our playground. I want to see the current climate crisis as an opportunity to break the models: Brief, design, extract, make. This framework is not only asking for whom we design, but how and for which purpose. We have forgotten for too long all other kingdoms and we need to understand our interdependence as a need for survival.

 By hosting collaborative workshops, I intend to engage different public (professionals or not) in this process to develop their own worlds, a new reading of place. Through exploring diverse environments and conditions, the model will be confronted with reality and spread his transformative approach. 
By exposing the new worlds, I want to shift the narrative and create new stories to have more consideration of all other components of the world we inhabit. I will be able to collect a wide diversity of answers to be compiled and published on the OPR website. All of us could come, read, and question our understanding of a place, through those examples. 

I am currently producing supporting documents that will make all the above discourse accessible to all. I believe that we all, architects, designers, and all citizens, need to access and understand how our environment is composed and how to care for it.
Ultimately, I believe our role as architects could become facilitators between the planetary systems and ourselves based on our spatial reading of a place.