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Paul Gödecken @plxgdc
A furniture concept reacting to massive clear cuts in central Europe due to Bark beetle calamities and proposing an alternative way of wood drying.

Paul Gödecken
Berlin, Germany
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Public space
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Hey Im Paul, 24 Years old.
I was born in Hamburg, later raised in Paris and Mian.
Culture, design, art, and architecture have always surrounded and fascinated me. Deciding to pursue my passion for design after leaving high school was one that fulfills me day by day. I´ve recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with a bachelor's degree. The free-spirited interdisciplinary approach helped me define my place within the creative world, positioning myself in between the borders of Design, Physics, and Biology. I derive my projects from observation, interaction, and reflection of my surrounding, seeing myself as a resonator and storyteller through the means and tools of the designer.

This furniture concept takes the intermediate form of sawn wood during the drying process as a functional sitting object. The project responds to recent bark beetle calamities that have caused massive clear cuts in forests of Central Europe. This led to late and poor processing of the deadwood, resulting in lower quality wood products. Spruce is a fast-growing wood, able to collect and store large quantities of CO2. When treated right, wood can go through multiple product lifecycles in a cascade of uses. The sitting object was designed for disassembly and re-use, without glue or permanent connections. Using the wood while it still dries adds an extra step to its lifecycle and stores the contained carbon for the extra time of usage.