—House it going? We need to talk
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Graz/Vienna, Austria. Brussels, Belgium. Berlin/Cologne, Germany. Zurich, Switzerland. London, UK.
Team members
Julius Grambow
Angelika Hinterbrandner
Rebekka Hirschberg
Jonas Illigmann
Martin Röck
Jomo Ruderer
Links is a framework fostering research, communication, and connection between actors in the field of the built environment and spatial policy all over Europe. The project is rooted in the housing debate and stands for more affordable, sustainable and just access to space for the 99%. provides civil society as well as policy-makers with nuances and detail on housing topics interlinked with complex aspects such as "baukultur", the climate crisis and equality.

Related project—House it going? We need to talk
Housing is essential. Yet the crisis of housing, intertwining complexities of climate, equality and democracy is under-recognised. Let’s talk about it
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13 Feb — 13 May 2023
Understanding City Growth

Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
Organised by: BINA Association of Belgrade Architects

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