Understanding City Growth

Understanding City Growth
1 Nov 2022 — 31 May 2023

Organised by: BINA Društvo arhitekata Beograda

Many citizens of Belgrade have the impression that Belgrade is losing its identity and urban functionality. This is the result of accelerated city growth without a clear development strategy which cares about the city and its citizens.

We will try to find out how new generations of creative people coming from other contexts perceive the city of Belgrade and its future growth through a three-year programme that would focus on urban planning, architecture and ecology. Three editions of fortnight-long residency programmes per year will be organized in the first and the second years. BINA will invite creatives selected through the platform open call. Their task will be to respond to the topic through different forms and media of expression: design proposals, films, photographs or essays. Creatives will be paired with a local team/person that will be selected by an open call or invited by BINA. During their stay, BINA will organize presentations of creatives’ work in the most appropriate format and medium for each participant.