Alberto Roncelli

The Grafted City Project
↑ Alberto Roncelli. Photo: Urban Cerjak.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Alberto Roncelli is a young Italian architect currently based in Copenhagen. He completed his studies at the Polytechnic of Milan and gained valuable experiences in Madrid, Malta, and Athens. In 2021, he moved to the Danish capital he began working at GXN (Innovation unit of 3XN architects) as an architect and circular design expert.

Beyond this, Alberto pursues personal design research with a particular emphasis on urban transformation and adaptive reuse architecture. Over the past three years his projects and design research gained recognition in international competitions and awards such as Superscape, Ethical Design Award, Prix Wilmotte and The Prix de Genève for Experimental Architecture.

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Alberto Roncelli
The Grafted City Project
A design exploration on the underutilised spaces of the city.

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13 — 27 Feb 2024
New Strategies and Building Methods in Times of Climate Change Part II

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Organised by: HDA – House of Architecture

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