Rachel Rouzaud + Bernadetta Budzik

An Atlas of forest occupations.
↑ Bernardetta Budzik and Rachel Rouzaud. Photo: Urban Cerjak.

Paris, France
Rachel Rouzaud + Bernadetta Budzik
Team members
Bernadetta Budzik
Rachel Rouzaud

Polish-French team of young architects based in Paris. In Addition to the career of architects, both of them pursue artistic practice and regularly collaborate on various projects. They complement each other: Bernadetta with her writing and scenography expertise, and Rachel with her work in tapestry and artistic installations. Bernadetta Budzik graduated from Münster and Cracow School of Architecture with a double master’s diploma in architecture. She worked on many exhibitions as a scenographer and exhibition assistant as well as having her work exhibited. She also worked on several research projects resulting in articles, booklets or presentations at conferences. Parallel to her work in Paris, she continues to research and write on topics connected to climate change, activism and protests. She conducted thorough research on architecture on borders and made a project trying to reinvent traditions of Polenmarkts. Currently, she focuses on a study of the relationship of civil disobedience to architecture and how architectless architecture may thrive in grassroots movements. She is also regularly writing for European Heritage Times. Rachel Rouzaud graduated from architecture school of Versailles. She teaches at Bordeaux and Versailles’ schools.She is interested in codes of representation, specifically new ways of communicating the architectural project. She creates carpets, domestic and artistic supports, and weaves links between disciplines to make architecture more accessible. One of her most recent carpet is made for Palais de Tokyo. She took part in the International Garden Festival of Chaumont, illustrating forest fires that ravaged south of France and also participated to the reopening of damaged forests exhibition. She worked on an urban opera made from an urban study, with AWP. During her internship at Dogma, she participated in the Venice Biennale. During her diploma, she renovated forest houses with sustainable materials and was awarded with several prizes.

Related project

Rachel Rouzaud + Bernadetta Budzik
An Atlas of forest occupations.
The project focused on civil disobedience, shown in occupying endangered forests in Europe, that would result in a book and accompanying exhibition.
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28 Sep — 19 Oct 2024
TAB 2024

Tbilisi, Georgia
Organised by: Tbilisi Architecture Biennale
Summer school

31 Aug — 8 Sep 2024
LSS 2024: Living (in) Repairs

Bolwerk, Kortrijk, Belgium
Organised by: Forecast, Living Summer School (Bolwerk)
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