Juri Velt

the sign are collapsing, and no longer certain
↑ Photo: Floor Reitsma

Innsbruck + Amsterdam + Vienna + Pödelwitz
Juri Velt
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Juri Velt

Moving between rural regions and cities, as well as between a writing and a material-based practice, I shift between working alone and collectively.Trained as an architect and navigating life as a chronically ill queer person, my practice revolves around the question of how to live together—with a focus on companionship and other forms of resistance. Bridging these interests with environmental questions and the climate crisis, I investigate the landscape(s) of thought and matter and the language(s) available to navigate the present.

14/ Architecture /Technical University of Innsbruck
16/ Photography /Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig
17-21/ BArch, Institute for Art and Architecture /Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
21-23/ Studio for Immediate Spaces /Sandberg Instituut, AMS
23/ MA Interior Architecture, Thesis: Tender and Toxic Tales: an exploration of the Possibilities of Vacancy in rural landscapes

19/ organising (in a collective): symposium Transforming Practice - The architect is dead long live the architect; speakers i.e. dpr Barcelona, TXKL + New South
19-20/ editing: #1 and #2 of blank (publication)
19-21/ co-curating+moderating: after(normative)schoolclub, reading group on gender, queer and decolonial topics in architecture(education)
19-21/ Pixel, Bytes + Film stipend, shortfilm: BRUT & PARASIT (on destruction of woods, monoculture+climate chaos); w Martin Eichler+Ganael Dumreicher
22/ participating: OAT Academy: (RE)acting/(EN)acting - Collective Dissidence,Reclaiming the Neighborhood, AHO, Oslo

16/ Initiating+organising: SALON SENF; Schwaz (AUT), pop-up event venue w a 11-week program w discussions, screenings/ based on alternative economies
20-…/ climbing trees as a form of protest
23/ organising two discussions on the connection btw gentrification + squatting; Vossi, AMS
23/ Initiating + baking: in an anarchist bakery supporting the squatting scene+its spaces; various places, AMS

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Juri Velt
the sign are collapsing, and no longer certain
Through place names, the work explores the potentiality of language to shape our sense of and sensibility towards changing landscapes.
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2 Jan — 31 May 2024
LINA Writing Award 2024

Irish Architecture Foundation, Dublin, Ireland
Organised by: dpr-barcelona, Irish Architecture Foundation

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