From Care to Cure and Back

From Care to Cure and Back
1 Jan — 31 May 2023

DAI-SAI Gallery, Pula, Croatia
Organised by: DAI-SAI

The DAI-SAI From care to cure and back programme explores critical architectural heritage, depletion of human communities in relation to abandoned architecture, and encourages transformation of both material and immaterial environments from “spaces of a common disease” into places of “common healing”. The LINA fellows Rebeka Bratož Gornik and Joaquin Mora expand their knowledge in investigations of architecture with pioneering imagination of sociality and spatiality through the medium of film.

The focus of the research is The Children’s Maritime Health Resort of Military Insured Persons, an architectural masterpiece built in 1965 near Makarska, by the enigmatic Croatian architect Rikard Marasović, and communities around it. The fellows are working with experts in film and architecture (critics, historians, curators) and local communities (artistic organisations, ex-employees of the resort, inhabitants), proceeding to practical work of audio-visual documentation “with others” (DIWO), both in the site of the resort (Makarska), and in Pula (DAI-SAI headquarters), Croatia. The existing knowledge is being implemented with the experimental practice of documenting and transmedial storytelling, the emphasis being put on redefining collectivity, subjectivity, performativity and materiality. The activity contributes to more sustainable architectural practices, and the local communities, in creation of a kaleidoscope of fiction about the society that created the health resort, and the imaginable new collectivity, which will govern it in futurity, by transformation of all stages of “architecture’s illness” – with great affection and empathy.

The meeting in Pula, 27-29 April, 2023, brings the selected LINA creatives together with curators, film critics and architecture historians, together with the art organization mART from Makarska into a “performative workshop” to reflect on the processual filming exercise of documenting The Children’s Maritime Health Resort of Military Insured Persons in Krvavica, near Makarska, executed in March, 2023.


Thursday 27 April, 19:00, DAI-SAI Gallery: Presentations and discussions on publishing

Friday 28 April, 10:00: Architecture guided tours

Friday 28 April, 16:00, DAI-SAI Gallery: Performative lectures, presentations, film screenings

Saturday 29 April, 10:00, DAI-SAI Gallery: Collective reflections

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Collaboration with LINA fellows

Aside from their explorations of the The Children’s Maritime Health Resort of Military Insured Persons, their work with mentors, and their participation at the Pula event, Rebeka and Joaquin have produced videos that can be viewed on the link below.

View Rebeka Bratož Gornik's video >>

View Joaquin Mora's video >>

More info on invited experts

Ana Dana Beroš, Intermundia, Zagreb

Breda Bizjak, DAI-SAI, Pula

Tamara Bjažić Klarin, Institute of Art History, Zagreb

Boštjan Bugarič, Architectuul, Koper/Berlin

Tina Divić, Dijana Jelić Škorlić, mART, Makarska

Emil Jurcan, DAI-SAI, Pula

Matija Kralj Štefanić, Videodrom, Zagreb

Sonja Leboš, UIII, Zagreb

Alessio Rosati, MAXXI, Rome

Mika Savela, Selim Projects, Helsinki

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Rebeka Bratož Gornik
Rebeka Bratož Gornik
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