Periple Duet

Periple Duet
1 Nov — 5 Dec 2022

Lisbon Triennale headquarters, Lisbon
Organised by: Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Each year, 2 emergents will be selected through the platform open call for the Periple Duet. They will prepare an essay to be thought and produced during their journey to the Lisbon Triennale headquarters. The result will be aired to the public in a to be defined format. It can be a lecture, a publication, a podcast, or other. The most importante rule if that their means of transportation cannot include airplanes. Border crossing, territorial diversity, breaking the distance and stretching limits will be key elements to be addressed in the travelogue. This brief will be repeated for the 3 year duration of the project in a collection of emerging views of the European geopolitical contemporary context.

Photo: Palacio Sinel De Cordes, Lorenzo Roncaglione