Tirana Architecture Triennale

Tirana Architecture Triennale is a non-profit activity with the mission to question and research, develop and structure, and manifest architectural thinking, debate and reflection. Itself is organized as a diptych of a triennial and a trilogy at the same time. Tirana Architecture Triennale is revealed to the public in its opening year with a statement, followed next by its critical distance and finally concluding during the third year with its reflection epilogue.

The origin of Tirana Architecture Triennale, unfolds in the Albanian context, three decades, still in its transition state. Socially, culturally and architecturally.

Yet, it does not limit itself to Albania as a point of reference rather as a point of reflection.


Forsooth, beyond all geographic and disciplinary boundaries, we find ourselves in another state of transition; from the Holocene towards the Anthropocene, from the analogue to the digital, and from the physical to the virtual.

What we look for in LINA fellows

As all fellows have experimented with their philosophy of work the above initiatives, our aim will be to augment their methodology of work while creating new variants for interaction in a new virtual and/ or physical verse.

BARLETI University and the TIRANA ARCHITECTURE TRIENNALE for all three interventions will bridge different mediums, communities, experts and tools to actively embody all actions from LINA Fellows into the Albanian Universe of actions. Its expertise in community participation processes, in an academic and professional level will provide an added value on this endeavor.