Beta - Timișoara Architecture Biennial 5th edition

Beta - Timișoara Architecture Biennial 5th edition
13 Sep — 27 Oct 2024

Timișoara, Romania

Beta 2024 is the fifth edition, marking ten years of activity.

Beta articulates a series of actions, projects, events and exhibitions around 3 pillars that structures our programme: Education, Profession and City. What we propose is an architecture of action, defined by the desire to be proactive, to collaborate, to enter into dialogue and to relate. To understand, after all, the complete and complex map of the built environment. We want to promote interaction between different entities, before talking about concrete interventions. We propose dialogue instead of declarations, collaboration instead of isolation, processes instead of one-off events.

Collaboration profiles

We are looking for fellows interested in writing and editing text. In Beta 2024 we aim to involve LINA fellows in producing thoughful written material for publications related to this year's edition theme (will be announced soon, in spring), both online and print.