Rajna Avramova

The Minor and Its Spatialities
↑ Rajna Avramova. Photo: Urban Cerjak.

Vienna, Austria
Rajna Avramova
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Rajna Avramova

I am an architect based in Vienna. Throughout my work in different architectural offices, I have gained experience in working on projects ranging in scale and complexity. Currently, I am involved in planning the renovation of the social housing complexes by the city of Vienna, which allows me to address seemingly insignificant and overlooked issues in the field.
My research focuses mainly on understanding the different power dynamics in architecture and their role in the production of space.

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Rajna Avramova
The Minor and Its Spatialities
An appeal for discovering minor practices as an instrument for reading familiar spatial structures, new. A manual for becoming minor.
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1 Nov 2023 — 31 May 2024
What if? Book on community planning in modernist housing areas

Tallinn, Estonia
Organised by: Architectuul, Estonian Museum of Architecture

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