Mirto Delimichali

dwindledscapes_practices of affection

Swiss Alps / Greece, Athens
Mirto Delimichali
Team members
Tasiana Kechrakou
Danae Lytra
Georgios Samantas

Mirto Delimichali is a choreographer, researcher and curator based in Athens. n 2022 she started her collaboration with the light designer Danae Lytra and since then they are working together in projects connected to the body perspectives of the landscape. For this project they will collaborate with the architect and landscape researcher Tasiana Kechrakou and the sound artist and researcher Giorgos Samantas.

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Mirto Delimichali
dwindledscapes_practices of affection
Coexisting with landscapes that have been affected by climate change. Listening to their sound, sensing their matter, trying to trace their stories.
Rural spaces

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Appears at events

13 Mar — 22 Apr 2023
Staging Ground

Les Arches Citoyennes, Paris, France
Organised by: Theatrum Mundi

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